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Freitag, 25 September 2009 to Sonntag, 27 September 2009


Figueras Pacheco High School, Fernando Madroñal Street 35, Alicante




Friday 25th September:
15'00: Registration and opening the doors. The Convention starts! (PLACE: Figueras Pacheco High School).
16'00 - 20'00: Juggling and circus workshops in Plaza de la Viña.
19'30 - 20'30: Street Circus Show in Plaza de la Viña.
21'30: CIRCOVISIÓN (circus shows), in the place of the Convention.
00'00: REGENERADO (special Renegade)

Saturday 26th September:
10'00 - 14'00: Juggling and circus workshops.
14'00 - 16'00: Lunch time and watching juggling videos.
16'00 - 19'00: Juggling and circus workshops.
19'00 - 20'00: Street Circus Show in Plaza de La Viña
22'00: BIG GALA SHOW, in Paraninfo de la Universidad de Alicante (University of Alicante) We will go there by special buses.
01'00: FIRE NIGHT: bring your show! (look down for more information)
00'00: Renegade.

Sunday 27th September:
11'30 - 12'30: Circus and Music Street Parade: each person dressed whole of the same color.
12'30 - 14'30: Juggling Competitions, and final Toss Up, in Plaza de la Viña.
15'00: Lunch time, watching juggling videos, and time to say goodbye!!

- Extras: Graffiti exhibition, video watching, chill out area, volley-club competition, unicycle trip, yoga lessons... and much more things!!...
(This program can be changed, we hope that is always for the better).

- Convention Place: Instituto Figueras Pacheco, C/ Fernando Madroñal, 35 (Figueras Pacheco High School, Fernando Madroñal Street, 35).(15 minutes by foot, from the Alicante's train station).

- Bring your sleeping bag and your mat to sleep.

- If you want to do a show in Gala, to offer a workshop, or to do a show in FIRE NIGHT, you can write us: - VERY IMPORTANT:DOGS AND REST OF ANIMALS ARE FORBIDDEN IN THE CONVENTION PLACE.

- The REGISTRATION to the Convention costs 20 euros.

The REGISTRATION includes: the entrace for 3 days to the Convention, T-Shirts for the first 200 jugglers who make the registration, breakfasts, the lunch of Sunday, accomodation (with your sleeping bag and mat), workshops, GALA SHOW entrance, and some surprises more…
- DAY REGISTRATION (includes juggling trades entrance, the workshops, Circovisión, and the street shows), It costs 5 euros.

- The DAY REGISTRATION doesn't include the BIG GALA SHOW entrance.

- *The BIG GALA SHOW costs 6 euros.

- How to arrive to the Convention (Map) :


We hope to see you in Alicante!!!

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