3 balls, advanced juggling and dance, Jean Daniel Fricker (workshop)

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Montag, 2 November 2009 to Freitag, 6 November 2009






ntended for jugglers who want to experiment through their body; sensations, emotions and feelings, to surpass their limits and to open their body and their juggling to expression.

?How an object in space can become the speaking trace of an existence? *

PROGRAM: (7 h per day)

* Body Experiments which increase the existence on stage and the opening towards the audience.
* Physical Training which brings the consciousness in the body while juggling, removes the tensions, develops the sensitivity, the perception, the strength, the flexibility and the freedom of the body. (Based on Yoga, Martial arts, Noguchi Taiso (Japanese gymnastic), different kind of walking and other experiences).
* Circuit of improvisation with juggling crossed by various states and qualities of nature (animal, plant, mineral, emotional, daily life?).
* Meeting with space and time in an instinctive, spontaneous, necessary and surprising way.
* Improvisation and search for your own dance, your own juggling.

* [Maurice Merleau-Ponty]

The workshop will finish with a performance of the students and the teacher in The Jonglier Katakomben.

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3 balls, advanced juggling and dance, Jean Daniel Fricker (workshop) elsewhere on the Edge

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