Movement and Club Manipulation, Emiliano Sanchez Alessi (workshop)

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Monday, 2009-10-26 to Thursday, 2009-10-29





Workshop for jugglers level A-I.
Appliable also to duos and trios.
Min: 6 people
Max: 14 people

For confirmated jugglers! Not appropriate for beginners.

Base technique for contemporary dance. Technical juggling work applied to basic concepts of movement, space, form and rhythm. Artistic exploration through different material - generating stimuli. Construction and notation of routines and sequences.

The workshop will focus on the 3 basic phases of composition.

Space: encounter the relation of the juggler towards the existing space and it?s features.
Form: the body as a lineal or organic structure. Work over the form in able to liberate sensations through movement.
Rhythm: work on rhythms, accents and timing.

Enlarge the artistical-imaginative possibilities of the Juggler.Clean the movement and technique of manipulation and contact with clubs.Composition of a technical and artistic routine based on the system of work proposed.

October 26th-29th
5 hours per day

Workshop Fee: 125,00 EUR
7 days Training: 40,00 EUR

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