Workshop 2, Stefan Sing (workshop)

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Montag, 19 Oktober 2009 to Donnerstag, 22 Oktober 2009





Workshop 2

The aim of the workshop is to develop a show which will be presented to the public in the Katakomben on the last evening.

The show will have solo and group elements to it which will be developed in the course of the workshops. The main meathods for creating chreographic sequences will be improvisation and play.

The following elements of choreography work will be looked at during the process of show creation:

- Space: Where am I in the space around me? What values have which places? What is the relationship of different locations?

- Opposites: The possibility to use opposites in the creation of tentions and dynamics.

- Movement: How does movement "speak"?

- Time: Building the tension..

- Character: Building a believable, honest character

- Music: How do I work with the music.

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