Technique for Creativity, Marco Paoletti (workshop)

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Montag, 5 Oktober 2009 to Freitag, 9 Oktober 2009





"Technique for creativity"

- How to train "Effectiveness, concentration, economy of time".

- Basic throws with balls in relation with the body (negative space).

- Difference between "Trick, combination and sequence" to understand
how to make routines.

- Division between "Throw, empty time, catch".

- Russian Technique.

- Different ways of how to train a trick.

- Difference between "beautiful juggling and juggling".

- Explanation of concepts of "Start, middle, end".

- Inner space and outer space in relation with juggling.

- Improvisation and Jamming.

- How to think the creation of a modern juggling act.

- On stage: drops, where to go, why and how.

This workshop is for people that have at least 5 months of juggling
and also for intermediate and advanced jugglers. The difference
between the levels of the attendees will not disturb the personal
development of each juggler.
The objective of the workshop is divided into 2 parts. First to form a
strong base of technique
and understanding of juggling, to find the development of personal
style and future effective own way of training. Second to understand
the value of presence and honesty in the creation of a juggling act
and performing it.

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