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Monday, 2009-09-07 to Friday, 2009-09-11





U-Berlin ?Spinipulation? is here at last! How it took this long for such a cool usage of the ?Uber? concept to come into being we really don?t know, but three years after UberEurope, here it is!

Five days of first rate ?spinipulatory ? brain-melt from some of the finest in the genre. This time round there are some new faces, some old, on the teaching line-up bringing the latest in spin to the Katakomben, Berlin. The space is perfect, five rooms with 8m ceilings, mirrors, a chill-out room, free internet, the Kata-café, a (super cheap) sleeping hall , shop (now stocking Gora-Toys ), and all of this right next to the beautiful Victoria Park, spacial proprietor of the highest point in Berlin ! It is among these perfect environs that we will be running five days of dimension shifting workshops in Club-Swinging (Valery from France), Staff its plurals and etc.?s (Rob ?Bluecat? Thorburn and Meghan Claire Pike), Poi (Ronan McLoughlin), Meteor (Andy House), and Movement and Body-bits (Eimhin?from Ireland). U-Berlin will be in the here and now, Monday September 7th to Friday the 11th running from 10am daily teaching classes of the Uber variety to spinners everywhere. Classes will be tailored for those of the intermediate, to advanced, to Uber levels?adventurous beginners welcome

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