Juggling-Theatre Workshop ALEJE 2009

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Samstag, 22 August 2009 to Freitag, 28 August 2009


Budisov near Trebic




We are pleased to invite all jugglers, conjurers and performers to the 8th year of ALEJE 2009 workshop. Priam Pierret from France will be the main instructor of this year. We will therefore focus on juggling technique with diabolo, siteswaps with balls and bouncing balls. There will also be time to focus on club passing. Creative acting and improvisation may be developed in the clown workshop of Adela Kratochvilova (CZ). Dasha Travnikova (CZ) will offer a workshop of psychomotor games. Other instructors are Franz Bauer (Germany) with his traditional workshop of pantography and his colleague Lisa Burkert with voice workshop.

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