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Montag, 19 Januar 2009 to Samstag, 14 Februar 2009


Escola de Clown




19th January - 15th March 2009
288 hours, 6 days/week, 6 hours/day

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The Professional Clown Course is a residential course with a total of 288 hours of classes, spread over a 6-day week.
This course offers a broad training ranging from the pleasure of play, of life, which is the driving force of Clown, to the creation of Clown numbers in the final performance. We will work through the various stages of the Clown process: openness, pleasure, humility, freedom, craziness, ridiculousness, imbalance, status, generosity, the flop, intelligence and types of intelligence or stupidity, sharing with and giving to the audience, the mirror effect, the relationship with other clowns (solos/duos/trios/ensembles) and with the audience, admiration, sincerity, focus, surprise, energy, failure and success... How to speak as Clown? How to dress as Clown? How to think as Clown? Ways of creating a Clown number: from improvisation to a script, with text or without, traditional or contemporary, with or without music, with or without props. What is the difference between performing for adults and children, in the street and in the theatre? How to work from your own personality and knowledge in order to create a number. The rules of humour. The Clown and other disciplines (music, dance, circus, etc., according to the student's interests), and theoretical studies (history, analysis, theory).
The basic requirements are: the commitment and interest necessary to complete the course. No previous experience is necessary.

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