Juggling and movement theater II

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Mittwoch, 24 Oktober 2007 to Donnerstag, 1 November 2007


Fossa (Aq) Small village in the Appenines


Juggling and movement theater II
imagination, improvisation and playing

24 October - 1 November 2007 Fossa (Aq)

Held by Anthony Trahair

“The aim of the seminar is to take juggling and make it more expressive and theatrical not by abandoning the technique already obtained to do theater but finding a means to choose what and how to perform and what not”

285 Euro, accommodation included. 25 euro discount signed up by 1.10.07.

Fot who would like to take part in both the workshops I & II reduced price of 480 Euros

In English and Italian.

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