St. Louis Jugglefest at WashU!

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Friday, 2007-10-05 to Sunday, 2007-10-07


Washington University, St Louis



Update:: 09/12/2007
We are pleased to announce the PUBLIC SHOW!

The National Prestigious Society of Collegiate Jugglers
The Institute of Jugglology
Jim Hendricks & Thom Wall
Nate & Shifty
Book Kennison
Cameron Ritter
Tony Pezzo
Casey Boehmer

...and many others!

MC'd by Richard Kennison, Director of the 2008 IJA Festival.

The St Louis convention is BACK!

Please refer to the "Fest '07" tab on the website for more information.

The St Louis Festival at WashU is going to be held on October 5-7 in the main Dance Studio of the Women's Building on the WashU Danforth Campus.

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