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Donnerstag, 5 Juli 2007 to Montag, 9 Juli 2007


Izbruhov kulturni bazen, Kranj



The concept of this convention which is based on self organization is that the workshops will develop spontaneously and include an as wide range of activities as possible. Besides juggling, art and acrobatics, we hope to see music, dance, comics and juggling props created… All workshops will be free of charge.

We as initiators will provide the space and basic infrastructure. It is important for us that everything is unfolding in an informal yet responsible way. The quality and quantity of the workshops and the convention will depend on the cooperation and involvement of the participants.

The space
The convention will take place in Kranj (about 30 km from Slovenias capital Ljubljana), in the squatted swimming pool »Izbruhov kulturni bazern«, which has been functioning as a cultural centre for concerts and other events since 2001. For more information about the place and a road description please take a look at Izbruh's webpage:, look for map under contact.

We'll provide one free hot meal per day, if necessary we'll also set up a public kitchen that can be used by everyone.
Help in the kitchen is welcome.

A free camping site with showers will be available. For those without tent or camper we can supply some beds inside or improvise sleeping under the stars or the stage.

Workshops: For now we can offer juggling, unicycling, aerial tissue acrobation, tightrope/wire and making of juggling equipment (Since the convention is based on self organisation we will not provide selling of any professional juggling equipment).
The convention will also include a cultural side programme with open stage, concerts, DJs etc.

If possible (but not necessary) we would be glad of previous announcement on

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