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Montag, 9 Juli 2007 to Sonntag, 15 Juli 2007


Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford Connecticut



This is WJF event.


Another fun filled event for the Sports Juggler enthuisast and competitors. Sure we have the Advanced Competitions and the Overall Championship, but you don't have to be that good or good at all to still compete and learn. We'll have workshops for people who don't know how to juggle at all, AND for people who want to learn Backcrosses, Body Throws and 360s just to name a few of the workshops that will be offered. This year we're holding an open age beginner competition. No matter what your age, you can participate in the Beginners Competitions. Test out your versatility in the WJF Extreme competitions. Everything from incorporating a gymnastic move within a juggling pattern to getting hit in the head with beanbags while trying to juggle 5 balls, clubs or rings. Or try to collide a 5 club pattern and then fix it. Also, this year the WJF is taking combat seriously. Three divisions of competitions will be offered. Individual, Team, and Royal Rumble. Check out the WJF website for details on all these events.

The Women's Division is Back!
This year the WJF is proud to bring back the Women's division. Erin Stephens has been working hard to recruit and train as many women and girls as she can find and to prepare them for competition. This year the WJF will hold two women's events. A WJF Juniors for girls and an open age Women's division.
Please contact the WJF for more information or for any prize donations you wish to give.
Thank you for your support.

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