1 week workshop with Gandini near Paris (7th to 13th of April)

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Samstag, 7 April 2007 to Freitag, 13 April 2007


Vauréal (Cergy-Pontoise agglomeration, Paris suburb)


Hello everybody,

After running some workshops with Antonin Hartz, Emmanuel Perez, Maksim Komaro, Eric Longequel, Sylvestre Dewa (Trash), Minh-Tam Kaplan and Jean-Yves Faury (Jive) this year. I'm happy to announce that Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä Hokkala are coming to visit us for a whole week of workshop in Vauréal (Cergy-Pontoise agglomeration, 30 km from Paris).

You can find lots of infos here (sorry it's in french) :

To sum up :
From 7th to 13th of April.
On the 7th, one hour free workshop for everybody then jugglers meeting for all day long. After, barbecue, fiesta and juggling !
From sunday 8th to tuesday 12th curse with Kati and Sean Gandini, 10AM to 5 PM (then, juggling all day and part of night long !).
On friday 13th, all day to juggle with everybody, and students can organise (as in the week) some workshops for the others (any sort of workshop you want).

Here's the text Sean sent to me :

This 5-day juggling intensive will be run as a laboratory into juggling
patterns and ideas:
it will look into ways of structuring and choreographing juggling material, in
addition to studying pure technique.

Each day will start with a physical warm up, and subjects covered will include:
· Relationship between music and juggling
· Notations, their practical uses in solo and group (passing and multi-handed
· Combining dance and juggling
· Multi handed juggling/Passing with balls clubs/rings
· Ideas on technique: dwell times, body posture, throwing positions etc

Sean and Kati (Gandini Juggling) have been researching and teaching juggling
for the last 15 years. This research has gone from early work in experimental
dance and juggling to current concerns with accessibility for this often-
underrated art form. They have worked with and taught many of today's leading
jugglers, dancers and choreographers.

In fact, we've asked Sean to do us a lot about passing but not only.

Note that we're probably gonna run a two days free workshop before this one to be sure that everyone has the level and the knowledge to be able to have an interesting workshop with Gandinis.

The gym will be open 24h on 24. The camping place is 10 meter from the gym and is free. There are some micro-wave, fridge, tables, etc and showers as well.

Price is : 140€ (no food this time, sorry :( ) for the seven days, which I find reasonable.

If you're interested, you can contact me at kevinlebian@yahoo.fr

Hoping to see some rec-jugglers here, I remember having a great time with some of you in july 2004 with Imer, Manu Laude and Jay Gilligan before EJC in Carvin.

Cheers and keep on juggling, spring is nearly here in France :)


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