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We have a selection of circus equipment for all skill ranges to come and try out. We enjoy Hula Hooping, Juggling, Diabolo, Poi, Kendama, Unicycling, Devil Stick, Yoyo and much more.

No prior skills are needed to come along to our weekly practice session, we are more than happy to help teach complete beginners and also those who are more experienced.

Throughout the term we will hold a number of workshops where we will focus on one prop in particular and will invite professional circus performers to come in and teach. For more information on the dates of these workhops make sure to Like us on Facebook for up to date information.

Our society is more than just a weekly activities session though as we organise a variety of different social events, anything ranging from casual pub trips, to bowling and circus shows, to nights out to experience some of the more exciting night life London has to offer...


Activity Room 2, Boland House (Guy's Campus), Kings College (near London Bridge Tube), London


Dieser Verein schließt während der Ferien. Bitte kontaktieren Sie die Organisatoren bevor Sie Treffen besuchen.

Every Thursday18:00 bis 19:00



£5 Membership, £1 for each session for members, £2 for non-members

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