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We are a club funded by the Durham University Students' Union and meet Sundays in Durham UK.
Even though we share part of our name with the univeristy we are open to all and welcome anyone to come along and join in.
We are currently a very new club and have spent this academic year finding our footing and therefore the club is currently free for all to attend. (This may change from october onwards).
We mostly practice juggling and unicycling but this is not exclusive and if you are in the area and want to practice other circus skills then come along or get in touch.
Our current equipmement consists of: Juggling balls & clubs, 3 unicycles, one giraffe unicycle, a slackline and an adult pogo stick. We also allow members to borrow equipement during the week.
We meet every Sunday and this means that we are nicely spread around the meeting times of other local clubs (Durham City Jugglers on Tuesday and JUST on Thursday) providing lots of options for jugglers in the North East of England. It also means keen jugglers can now meet up 3 times a week!
We also run local workshops around the Durham area, in June we are doing workshops at college events and for a local Guides group.
You can find out the most up-to-date club details on our Facebook group. You can get in touch with us there, or if Facebook is not your thing, then feel free to send us an email and we can answer any questions or add you to the mailing list.


Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, New Elvet, Durham, DH1 3AN


Every Sunday13:00 bis 15:00






Free (for this academic year as we are still just setting out)


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