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The Perth Fire Group is a loose collective of people that meet weekly at Hyde Park, Perth, for the purpose of teaching and learning fire twirling, object manipulation and circus arts. Each person in the group is both a student and teacher, as we learn from each other and teach our skills to anyone wanting to learn.

The skills of the group vary from complete beginners (that just turned up last week) to professional fire performers working locally, interstate and overseas. From time to time we also have international performers come and twirl with us while they're staying in Perth.

Anyone is welcome to join the Perth Fire Group. All you need to do is come down to Hyde Park on a Tuesday night from 7:30pm onwards (until about 11ish). Just bring yourself and a smile. We teach for free and can show you how to make your own practise equipment. All we ask in return is that you teach others that which you have learned, make anyone new feel welcome, respect the environment in which we meet, put safety first and respect those around you.

If you want to learn to twirl, while having a laugh and meeting great new people, come on down and say 'hi'!

Check out the website and Facebook group page for more info including lots of other fun events.


Hyde Park, corner of Vincent and Throssell Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000 (by the water playground)


Every Tuesday19:30 bis 23:00





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