Safety in Numbers

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Nächstes Treffen: Donnerstag, 23 Januar 2020

Safety in Numbers, an International Jugglers' Association Affiliate Club, was founded in 1978 in order to provide a technical, creative, and meeting group for jugglers and juggling friends.

See the links on our website for detailed directions. Updated 11/2019.


Los Angeles Valley College Community Services Center, southeastern corner of Ethel and Hatteras and adjacent to Monarch Stadium


Dieser Verein schließt während der Ferien. Bitte kontaktieren Sie die Organisatoren bevor Sie Treffen besuchen.

Every Thursday21:00 bis 23:00




$8 for one visit or $50 for ten-visit activity card. Activity card is available inside the building during general business hours or during juggling meetings. Prices subject to change.

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