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110 catches 2016-03-04This is ludicrusly low considering my 645 record. That said I've mostly been practising for neatness, not endurance.
200 catches 2016-03-04Not counted very accurately. 1 minute of 5 ball cascade. Steady pattern, up 'til 100 then as usual, a bit dodgy. My feet stayed planted. Breathing could be important.
50 catches 2012-09-28~7b height
380 catches 2012-09-25I did a better run in the 400's but I can't remember the exact figure.
550 catches 2012-09-24Improvement! [rainy, yet still I can't beat it easily]
470 catches 2012-09-24Glowballs
840 catches 2012-09-24While kneeling down, but with lighter beanbags
450 catches 2012-09-21Plenty of potential to beat this
85 catches 2012-09-21wristweights
40 catches 2012-09-20~40 with ~1kg wristweights at night with glowballs