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217 catches 2016-12-16Not much longer, but way smoother this time. 3rd attempt, all over 100c.
214 catches 2016-12-03Yay! First goal of the year achieved :)
182 catches 2016-11-24
78 catches 2016-10-23Wow. Yesterday was my first club pratice in a month, due to being really really busy, but my 5c is better than ever!
108 catches 2016-10-23Uh, WHAT JUST HAPPENED??
57 catches 2016-08-25
52 catches 2016-08-24Yesterday
46 catches 2016-07-30I'm wondering how many times I can get perfect runs over 30 catches before I manage not to be a klutz before 50. Got about 20 nice runs over 30 today.
50 catches 2016-07-30YES. This has been a good day for me.
45 catches 2016-07-04Yay! Finally some progress!
34 catches 2016-03-30
31 catches 2016-03-14All handles, not clean
24 catches 2016-02-04
26 catches 2016-02-04
23 catches 2016-01-24