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Cameron Cattrall -

Hello all! I've been on here a while but never got round to doing my first post! I've only been juggling for a little over a year now, but love the community and the sheer amount of fun that can be had juggling! I'm spending a lot of time at the moment exploring different prop combinations (current favourite is 2 balls and a contact staff) and was wondering if anyne knew of any good videos on multiprop juggling ideas or cool and unique combos of props? (Stuff like the Wes Peden devilstick video, Luke Burrages multiprop squeeze catches, etc!)

Thanks a bunch!

John Shearing - - Parent

Welcome Cameron!

Have you checked out http://juggling.tv/ for some ideas, the YouTube of juggling videos?


7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi Cameron!

,, and there for example jani suihkonen's original inventive explorations on a good deal also selfmade or unusual props, but also combos http://juggling.tv/users/7755/janisuihkonen
Guess, you know "saturns"?

Cameron Cattrall - - Parent

Yeah I've been playing around with Saturns for a bit! And yeah I really like Jani's stuff, he was one of the reasons I started exploring combinations in the first place :)

7b_wizard - - Parent

°Aaah° .. that's how circles close :o)

Search returns him on facebook ( now? formerly too? dunno ).

Mike Moore - - Parent

The winner of the IRC 2019 at EJC did bounce juggling + contact staff. If you haven't seen his stuff, it's definitely worth watching!

(I can try and be more useful with finding a video if it turns out to be difficult to find. But off to bed now)

JonPeat - - Parent

Sebastian Berger: https://youtu.be/BTvCQD5gQGI

Welcome Cameron!

David Bremner - - Parent

This is my second post :-)

I do some multiprop stuff, but it is just to mix it up a bit and nothing serious. It does my head in. I have a set of tennis balls filled with lead (500g) which I use for weight training. Fav combination is one of these, a club and an egg.


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