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Mïark -

The European Juggling Association is looking for a new President and a new Treasurer, starting at the end of August.
Applicants interested in the two separate voluntary roles of President of the EJA, and Treasurer of the EJA can find more information about what the roles entail at the following links:

The ideal candidates will have a good understanding of the European Juggling Convention, ideally having worked on a few of them and understand their differences, similarities, and how they are organised.
If you have any questions, send an email to the EJA Executive Committee: directors (at)

To apply, send an email outlining why you'd be a good fit for the EJA organisation. A CV outlining your past experience would be very helpful.
If you meet the essential criteria, you will be invited to meet the Board and team online on the afternoon of Sunday the 30th August, for a conversation where the EJA Board will vote on who will fill this role. You will know the results of the decision right away.
Deadline for questions: 20th August 2020
Deadline for applications: 25th August 2020
Board meeting with interviews: 30th August 2020.

Mïark - - Parent

Should have mentioned the EJA exists to ensure that the European Juggling Convention happens every year (except when there is a Covid pandemic) and to promote juggling in Europe.
The word Juggling is used to mean all amateur circus skills, not just what the americans call "Toss Juggling".


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