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Melvin Moon -

Hi. I am new here. I juggle mostly in my wheelchair. I am also quite new to the juggling lingo. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine challenged me to take a juggling record in my wheelchair, he came up with some difficult ideas and I said "no way", but I have done it now. 2 ball in one hand while I balance on two wheels of the wheelchair, if balance is lost and I might fall backwards and if so I could injure the head really bad, so it is risky! I am currently working on the 5 ball cascade qualification, 3 balls reversed Mills mess and alternate between synch and asynchronous 4 balls fontaine. I have plans for attending the Swedish juggling convention and EJC next year. I use Instagram with the username wheelchair.juggling.

Maria - - Parent

Hi Melvin!

The Void - - Parent

Hi Melvin,
Welcome aboard. The two-in-one hand with a wheelie sounds neat. Well done.

Orinoco - - Parent

Welcome Melvin.

I just added a 'while balanced in a wheelchair' modifier to the records section which you can use to define your own tricks in the records section, & I've fixed the system to allow Instagram videos too.

That's impressive stuff. I've only seen one other wheelchair juggler at a juggling festival who was balancing on 2 wheels while balancing a club on their chin which must've required some crazy core strength!

Melvin Moon - - Parent

Yay! Thanks you so much Jon for the options!

That sounds cool double balance. It requires good control of core strength!

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

Hi Melvin

Jamie - - Parent


Daniel Simu - - Parent

I met a wheelchair juggler for the first time only last weekend at a convention. I was very frustrated as her front wheels moved sideways a lot on every toss, so a lot of energy gets wasted moving yourself around rather than your props. I mentioned this to her and she acknowledged the difficulty, but got fed up with having to lock/unlock her brakes every time she dropped...
Glad to see in your videos that your wheelchair is kinda stable, as long as you're with 4 wheels on the ground of course ;)

Good luck setting records!


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